All Big G Green Line Products

Green Line offers a wide range of heavy-duty tillage equipment for professional farming or commercial use. Green Line's Big G brand manufactures both offset and double offset disc harrows, including the World's Largest Disc, the giant 60' 5000 Series. For commercial or extreme agricultural service, the Big G 1700 SD and 1000 SD offset discs provide unmatched performance with blade diameters up to 42".

Crop residue management is the driving force behind the new Big G Mega-Coulter. In sizes 15' to 40', the Mega-Coulter cuts and sizes crop residue for earlier soil warm up and increased planting efficiency. Big G's Culti-Packer crushes clods and firms the seed bed for improved moisture retention and an optimum seed bed. Click on the products listed below for more complete information and specifications.


Extra Heavy Duty Series Offset Discs

1000 Series Rigid Offset

1500 Series Rigid Double Offset

2000 Series Flexible Double Offset

2500 Series Single Flexible Offset

3000 Series Flexible Double Offset

3500 Series Flexible Single Offset

5000 Series Super Duty Flexible Double Offset

Heavy Duty Series Offset Discs

1100 Series Rigid Double Offset 3 Point Disc

1200 Series Rigid Double Offset

2100 Series Flexible Double Offset

3100 Flexible Double Offset


Deep Plowing Discs

1700 Series Heavy Duty Offset

SD 1700 Series Super Duty Rigid Offset

1800 Super Duty Double Offset



P 1000 Series

P 3000 Series




Pickup Truck Bale Beds